Steiner Waldorf Education

“It is on fantasy then, on imagination, that our teaching and education is to be built.”
(Rudolf Steiner)

The teaching and curriculum at Steiner Waldorf Education are based on the concept of education as an art. Its aim is to develop, harmonize and integrate the powers of thought, feelings and action in the developing child, so that the foundation may be laid for mental flexibility, practical initiative, and moral strength in adult life. All aspects of playgroup are directed to meet the developmental need of the individual child. Our playgroup is part of this worldwide and rapidly growing educational movement.

There are Waldorf schools on all continents based on the understanding of the human being, described by Rudolf Steiner. This Austrian educationist, philosopher and scientist provided valuable insights into the development of the child, resulting in a truly child-centred education.

Puddleducks provides a secure and nurturing environment for the small child from 3 years upwards. The daily, weekly and yearly rhythms are an important element in supporting the active and creative life of the child. The emphasis is on doing, and the children are left free from formal academic learning, which comes later in the primary school. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that children’s subsequent school performance benefits from this focus on practical and social activities in Playgroup. Have a look at our curriculum to get an idea of what Puddleducks can offer your child.

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