Mission & Values

Camphill Clanabogan provides sector leading care services for people with learning disabilities and other support needs.

At Clanabogan our aim is to provide a mutually supportive and purposeful community life for people with learning disabilities. In doing so, we aim to support them to participate fully and equally in society. Our values are based on:

  • The individual being at the centre of all we do
  • Realising our Potential – enabling the individual to realise their full potential
  • Creativity – providing activities that allow the individual to use their skills and abilities, enabling them to experience new possibilities
  • Engagement & Involvement – participation in purposeful activities to enrich both the individual and the community
  • Community & Choice – where the individual is treated with respect and dignity at all times, has their rights to privacy respected and where they are supported to make choices as part of a shared community
  • Participation in the immediate neighbourhood and local commuity

These values and our approach are reflected in all aspects of our varied and vibrant community life, whether within the life of one of our 5 homes or within the wide range of workshops and day activities available to accommodate interests, skill, ability and need. We create a truly enabling community where people with a learning disability and other support needs can achieve their individual potential. This is just as relevant now as when Camphill began over seventy years ago.

We believe that each of us can only truly flourish if we feel part of a community. This is particularly relevant today when so many people feel lonely and isolated.

Clanbogan is also about ecology and sustainability. Our community respects and celebrates the natural world around us and takes steps to minimise environmental impact through, for example, biodynamic agriculture, fairtrade practices and energy-saving activities.

Clanabogan is much more than just a care provider. We are part of a worldwide movement with a strong sense of purpose and identity. Our mission is even more relevant now than when we began in 1984.