I want to become a Puddleduckling!

How to apply

In order to get to know us, we generally advise all parents to arrange a visit, for the simple reason that our playgroup is rather different from others!  We then compile a list of interested families to our waiting list, which we form to establish an idea of future demands on Playgroup places. 

Via the Education Board (free)

The Playgroup Expansion Programme for Preschool Children has its own application format. Visit the CEA website for further information, or feel free to ask for our advice.

Securing a place privately

Once the preschool children have been placed by the Education Board we may have open spaces for younger children.

Fees & Contributions

  • No education fees for children that have been placed by the Preschool Expansion Programme
  • Snack contribution: £20/month
  • Personal playgroup folder: £20/year

Fees for privately funded playgroup placements:

  • 5 days/week: £100 + £20 snack money per month
  • 4 days/week: £80 + £16 snack money per month
  • 3 days/week: £60 + £12 snack money per month
  • 2 days/week: £40 + £8 snack money per month

Payments last 10 months per playgroup year starting in September, independent from holidays or other school closures.

Aims for our Curriculum

We want to create a wholesome, warm, rhythmical environment for each child.

“Help the child’s balanced and healthy growth – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”
(Rahima Baldwin)

Physical Development & Movement

We aim to provide stimulating activities through which the children will develop their whole body, their movements, their bodily functions and a wide variety of senses and in a developmental and forming of the inner organs.

The World Around Us

We aim to foster natural curiosity of childhood and an awe and wonder towards the world around us. We will pay great attention to create a loving and caring environment for and with the child.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Our aim is to provide a warm, welcoming surrounding in which each child can feel safe and comfortable in order to develop personal, social and emotional skills to their full potential. Thus building a foundation for interest, love and security as a basis for lifelong learning.

Early Mathematical Experiences

We aim to develop a rhythmical environment in our activities and our physical surrounding, taking nature as the role model thus strengthening the sense of balance, being the foundation of mathematical concepts.

Language Development

We aim to use language in story, rhymes, songs and conversation, creatively and paired with gestures or movement in order to address the whole child. The eye contact while speaking or singing will be paramount to encourage the fine development of the larynx system.

The Arts

We aim to provide simple, beautiful and clear aesthetic materials, leaving endless possibilities for the child’s imagination and creativity. Materials include spoken word, stories, songs, crayons, music, rhymes, movements, a wide variety of craft materials… in order that the imaginative forces of the child can work positively on the child’s development. 

Policies and Procedures

All parents will receive a document on pastoral care upon start of Playgroup. All policies and procedures are at your full disposal at the Puddeducks’ office, please ask our staff for it. All our documentation is annually reviewed by staff and committee. Please refer to our government page for further information on our organisation’s structure.